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"We take every antenna that leaves our facility personally, and have dedicated our working lives to ensuring our customers are satisfied -- the antennas are 'simple-by-design' and we live by that mantra each day." 

CEO & President 

VR7 & NXT Creator

Brad Adam 

Internet network technology, digital software development, future tech background, IoT con

Durable – our antennas require little to no maintenance, and continue to provide uninterrupted service, many years after initial deployment

Reliable – due to great mechanical design and superior search algorithms, signal acquisition is fast and exact, every time


Powerful – our antennas can handle much larger BUCs, upwards of 100W and beyond


Leading edge technology – our design & development team never stops innovating, with constant improvements to our world-renowned lineup. New features include antenna manipulation with any smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) when the NXT Controller is not easily accessed, either while on site, or from anywhere in the world; special antenna risers to clear rooftop equipment on larger vehicles; and embedded on-board training videos that are complementary to our Virtual Studio training sessions.


Compatible – With an in-house integration team, we have a full suite of integrated modems, with the agility to integrate any new modem extremely quickly


Inexpensive – Our antennas are up to 50% less expensive than our closest competitors, with clear advantages on many specifications


Inventory – we have stock! Our supply chains have been secured early on.  Plus, we manufacture everything in-house, under our own roof.  We rely on ourselves, for fast delivery.

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Our Mission

Hyperlink has been manufacturing auto-acquire antennas for over 20-years, working closely with end-users to produce a world-class product that has found it's own niche among loyal customers. It is the right choice for those who value it's dependability, performance and Hyperlink's commitment to work closely to always ensure success in real-world environments. 

Customer: OverSat

Product: VR9 (custom light-weight units)

End-user: Military

Location: Nigeria 

Controller: Hyperlink DVB 

Modem: Advantech 7400

Bird:  AMOS 3 Satellite

Our Difference...

Teleport Ready

We operate our own iDirect teleport, one of the few manufacturers in the world who also rely on their own antennas for critical communications. 

Virtual Studio

We know your customers cannot wait, so we can quickly help solve problems with our virtual studio, where troubleshoot in real-time. 

Field Proven

We have been disciplined by deploying antennas for the most difficult end-users and climates in the world, day in and day out. 

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