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NXT 1.2m Ku Antenna

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Extreme leanback for high deploy elevation angles anywhere on earth

Physically faster deploy times and a compact universal controller

Modular basket allowing for quick and simple BUC setups of varying sizes

Even more user intuitive, including embedded on-board training videos

Automatic data-logging for accurate and critical customer trouble-shooting

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Up to 10 modem profiles from our extensive list of integrated modems can be included in the controller

Remotely access the controller and online portal from anywhere on earth through an internet connection and send remote commands to the antenna

Locally all controller functionality can be commanded through any smart device

Communication technology for internet business. Global world network and telecommunication

NXT Antenna Series

NXT .96m Ku Antenna

The NXT .96m antenna is almost identical to the VR7 with some slight modifications along with a smaller reflector. It is ideal for trailer or roof top installs when space is tight. 

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NXT 1.8m Ku Antenna

The VR7 1.8m antenna is very popular among end-users looking to efficiently close links at higher altitudes, typically emergency response customers. 

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NXT 'SNG' Ku Antenna

The VR9 1.2m is an SNG level antenna with a full 180 degree lean back and zero backlash with rigid performance, available in .96m, 1.2m and 1.8m sizes.

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NXT 'L' Ku Antenna 

The VR9L has all of the features of the VR9 but adds an incredible 4th vertical axis to clear roof obstructions atop of vehicles.

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NXT Pole Mount - 3 Axis
(2 Axis Option Available) 

The NXT pole mount provides a true cross-pole with alignment 270 degrees in both directions, ideal for sites which require a remote re-peak or stow -- available in .96m, 1.2m and 1.8m sizes.

NXT ROAD CASE (1.2M | 1.8M)


NXT Transport CASE (1.2M)

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